Am I Ready for Sex? Questions to Ask Yourself

This is a one-hour class for high school students on responsible, thoughtful decision-making about sexual behavior and its place in relationships.


We invite you to download and use the Am I Ready for Sex? Questions to Ask Yourself, making whatever changes or additions that best serve your needs.

The goals of this class are to:

·        Teach the health, emotional and relationship consequences of decisions                     about sexual behavior.

·        Promote intentional, informed decision-making  about sex and relationships.

·        Promote self-examination of values and beliefs about sexual behavior and relationships.

·        Improve refusal skills.

·        Inform students about Maine law with respect to confidentiality in seeking reproductive health services, decision-making with respect to a partner’s pregnancy, and child support.

·        Promote the correct use of condoms and hormonal birth control.

Appropriate age for participants:  14- 18

Class composition and structure:  This class works best for mixed groups of boys and girls.  It has been tested with class sizes as low as 4 and as high as 30.

Level of participation by students:  Moderate — answering questions, taking part in an activity on resisting pressure to have sex, asking questions anonymously.