Healthy Relationships

This is is a one-hour class for high school students on romantic relationships with an emphasis on emotional health including the process of breaking up and recovering.


We invite you to download the Healthy Relationships class, making whatever changes or additions that best serve your needs.

The goals of this class are to:

·        Teach the characteristics of a healthy relationship.

·        Promote intentional decision-making and responsible communication                     about sex in the relationship.

·        Increase knowledge about abusive or controlling behaviors.

·        Promote respectful but honest communication when the                                                        relationship ends

Appropriate age for participants:  14-18

Class composition and size:  This class works best for mixed groups of boys and girls with class sizes of from 10 – 30 students.

Level of participation by students: High – virtually all of the class material is offered by students answering the instructors’ questions.  Questions submitted anonymously are answered at the end of the class.

Project Connect Safety Cards.  We also provide the Project Connect Safety Cards to students in the Healthy Relationships classes and we strongly recommend using them.  While they are a health-based intervention and meant for distribution in healthcare settings, we think they are too powerful and appropriate not to use in class.

The Safety Cards are a project of the Futures Without Violence program, Project Connect: A Coordinated Public Health Initiative to Prevent Violence against Women.  This is a national initiative authorized by the Violence Against Women Act of 2005 and funded by the Office on Women’s Health with support from the Administration for Children and Families.  Project Connect’s goal is to change how adolescent health, reproductive health, and home visiting programs respond to sexual and domestic violence.  Maine is one of nine states funded by Project Connect to implement these changes, thus the safety cards for teens are available to us.