This site provides the educational materials we developed in the Somerset County (Maine) Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program during the seven years (2007 – 2013) we worked to reduce the teen pregnancy rate in a large, rural county in central Maine.

Using these materials, we taught over a thousand high school students to make healthy decisions about sexual behavior and relationships; and hundreds of parents, school staff, and health and counseling professionals to help them guide teens about these critically important issues.

Surveys of high school students, parents, and school, counseling and health professionals have been highly positive about our classes and materials.  The most common remarks by high school students on the post-class surveys were “I wish the [one-hour] class was longer” and “I liked that the discussion was open and honest.”  Parents, school staff and health professionals indicated that they badly needed information and support and found it in our classes and materials.


And so, we are sharing our curricula and other materials with you, the health professionals, school staff, and parents/guardians that serve and care about teens.  We invite you to download and adapt these materials to fit your contexts and opportunities.


On this web site, you will find:

  • Am I Ready for Sex? Questions to Ask Yourself — a one-hour high school class        
  • Healthy Relationships — a one-hour high school class        
  • Talking with Teens About Sex – a script for health and counseling professionals        
  • Talking Points for a Parent’s Class and other materials on guiding teens to make healthy decisions about sexual behavior and relationships

In our experience, gaining maturity with respect to sexual behavior and romantic relationships are essential developmental tasks but among the most difficult areas for teens to navigate.  And, they are the issues about which teens get the least guidance.

All of our materials were developed by experienced health and youth development professionals supported by business and foundation grants.  We believe our sponsors are delighted that their generosity can be carried further in space and time via this web site.