Hallie Jackson Is Happily Raising a Child with Partner after Divorce with Ex-husband (2024)


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Hallie Jackson and her partner Frank Thorp reportedly have been together since early 2019.


Hallie Jackson Is Happily Raising a Child with Partner after Divorce with Ex-husband (1)

Reputed journalist Hallie Jackson is a happy mother to her three-year-old daughterMonroe Jackson Thorp.

TheSenior Washington correspondent for NBC Newswelcomed her girlon March 9, 2020, with her partnerFrank Thorp.

A couple of days after the birth of herfirst child,Jackson confirmed theexciting news withToday. She shared that the5-pound, 9-ounce bundle of joy was born healthy despite arrivinga few weeks early than expecteddue in early April.

While we were not expecting the child of two journalists to arrive 3 1/2 weeks ahead of her deadline, Ro clearly saw no need to wait any longer

ThePennsylvania native further discussed that she and Thorpnamed their daughterMonroe "Ro" Jackson Thorpin honor of her great-great-grandfather.

In this article, find in detail about Hallie Jackson's pregnancy, past marriage and wedding, current relationship, and their parenthood journey.

Is Hailey Jackson married now?

Hailey Jackson is currently unmarried and has been in a dating relationship with the father of her daughter, Frank Thorp.

Who is Hailey Jackson's Partner Frank Thorp?

If you didn't know, Thorp is also involved in the news industry just like his girlfriendHallie. In fact, he is involved with the same network, NBC News, as hers. He currently functions as the producer and off-air reporter responsible for covering the United States Senate.

Thorp has been in the role since 2014 and his jobs include live reporting from the field, overlooking editorial and technical aspects, crews and logistic management, and social media branding of news.

His and his crew clicked pictures and videos are regularly featured in the famous all major NBC broadcasts, includingNBC News famous shows such as Today Show and Nightly News.

That means his loving partner Hallie Jackson also relies on his work as she is the current senior Washington correspondent for NBC News and also functions as an anchor for NBC News Now and fill-in/substitute anchor for multiple shows like Today,Sunday Today with Willie Geist, and NBC Nightly News.

Hallie Jackson and Fran Thorp made a pregnancy announcement in 2019

Jackson first announced that she was pregnant on November 17, 2019,during a Sunday Mail segment with Sunday TODAY host Willie Geist.

The 38-year-old correspondent shared that she and her partnerThorp wereexcited and showed a picture of the coupleholding a onesie with the words "Guess what?" written across it.

"I feel awesome, a lot of exhaustion the first trimester but we're halfway there," she added.

The same day,Jackson also took to her Instagram to share the news with her followers. She posted the same picture that she had shown during the show.

Hallie Jackson and partner Frank Thorp's Parenthood story

The pair have been open about their parenthood and their love for their daughterMonroe "Ro" Jackson Thorp on social media, sharing a range of updates about her, ranging from going to school for picking up then-two-year-old Monroe amidst a trucker convoy,cherishing their motherhood and fatherhood, and expressing how their daughter has been exploring lifeand growing.

When did Hallie Jackson and Frank Thorp start dating?

TheJohns Hopkins University alma mater reportedly has been in a relationship withher baby's fatherThorp since early 2019. She initially started mentioning him in her Instagram posts and subsequently shared pictures with him.

In one instance, she posted her photo, flaunting a yellow dress and a grey hat, from her vacation atPalazzo Bernardini in Italy. The picture, uploaded on August 18, 2019,was captured by her present-day partner, as suggested by her post'scaption.

Speaking ofThorp, he has been associated with NBC since 2010. He started byreporting on various events occurring in Haiti to NBC News offices in Atlanta and New York City. Later, he served to cover the House of Representatives, followed by his current position as aproducer and off-air reporter.

Prior toNBC News, the West Virginia University graduate was affiliated with CBS News.

Presently, Jackson andThorp are yet to get married to each other. But they are greatly enjoying their time parenting their little daughter.

Jackson was Previously Married

TheNBC News journalist was previously married toDoug Hitchner.

Hallie Jackson Is Happily Raising a Child with Partner after Divorce with Ex-husband (2)

Hallie Jackson and her ex-husband Doug Hitchner. (Photo: Facebook)

The former couple had reportedly tied the knot in the presence of close family and friends in 2011. Jackson had also posted her wedding picture on her Facebook on October 22, 2011.

That being said, she maintained privacy around her married life withHitchner. Because of that, it is still unknown when and why the two allegedcollege sweetheart ended their marriage.

What are Hallie Jackson's salary and net worth?

As per Sun, Jackson's net worth, as of February 2022, had been contributed by her annual salary of $200,000 from NBC. Her current estimated net worth is $5 million. The 2021 reset launch of her own streaming show, NBC News Now, has also believed to have increased her remuneration from the network.

Jackson also previously hosted Hallie Jackson Report on MSNBC from 2021 to January 2023.

Hallie Jackson Is Happily Raising a Child with Partner after Divorce with Ex-husband (2024)


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