How to sell on TikTok Shop (2024)

TikTok is investing heavily in e-commerce with its TikTok Shop program, offering perks to brands and creators who participate.

Getting started on TikTok Shop as a seller is simple. Brands and small businesses need to apply on the TikTok Seller Center portal and upload documents for verification. The feature is available in countries including the US, Vietnam, Singapore, the UK, and Thailand.

Read a 9-page document from TikTok detailing how to get started on Shop as a merchant and best practices

The primary way creators and brands can help boost sales is through affiliate marketing. Brands give a percentage of each sale to creators who promote the brand's products. Sellers set their own commission rates, which usually range between 5% and 20%, according to creators and a TikTok exec.


Read about what TikTok Shop can offer brands, according to an exec who spearheads the program

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How to start a TikTok Shop as a seller

Brands can join TikTok Shop by applying on the platform's website.

Once accepted to the program, they can set up their own product showcase on their TikTok profile and pay creators a commission to promote items through affiliate marketing. Sellers set their own commission rates, and they can choose between a couple of affiliate plans:

  • "Open" collaboration, with all or selected products and the ability to set varying commission rates;
  • "Targeted" collaboration, which allows merchants to choose the creators they want to partner with.

Merchants can access a Seller Center App to manage their shop, inventory, orders, promotions, creator collaborations, and customer service. Sellers can also integrate third-party e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, Square, Ecwid, and BigCommerce.

Is TikTok Shop free for sellers? You can register for free as a seller, but TikTok currently takes a 2% commission combined with a 30 cents per transaction fee from merchants, with plans to increase that to 8% in July.

When setting up a Shop on TikTok, sellers should read the company's list of prohibited items. Sometimes, goods that are initially approved, such as homemade foods, can be taken down for not complying with the company's terms. Sellers should also be aware that TikTok uses a combination of AI and manual reviews to track product listings, which has caused headaches for some merchants who have had to appeal violation claims they view as unwarranted.

Sellers should also pay close attention to TikTok's shipping and order fulfillment rules, as the company can issue violations when a merchant fails to ship within its required three-day window for items sold in the US.


Read more about TikTok's three-day shipping requirements for sellers

What TikTok Shop offers sellers

As TikTok worked to woo merchants, it began offering perks such as free shipping and discounts for new sellers.

Read about how TikTok subsidized shipping and hawked 30% discounts as it raced to onboard US sellers

TikTok occasionally puts together special promotions to encourage sellers to post videos, go live, and hopefully drum up sales. During its push around Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2023, the company ran a series of seller competitions and other offers, including coupons to promote their videos in the app.


Read more about TikTok's Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy

Some independent sellers told Business Insider that Shop has been lucrative for them. One creator who signed up to sell his independently published books on TikTok was able to quit his job as a nurse and focus on writing full time.

Check out how Adam Beswick used TikTok Shop to become a full-time author

However, not all brands are on board with Shop, and getting blue-chip corporations to start selling on the app has been particularly difficult, BI reported.


Read more about how TikTok is pitching to marketers to get them onto Shop

The company has plans to not only onboard third-party merchants, but also to start selling items directly. It launched a product page with this aim in the UK, "Trendy Beat," and reportedly has plans to emulate this strategy in the US.

How to start earning money as a creator

Creators can apply to start selling on Shop when they meet the platform's community guidelines and other criteria, such as being at least 18 years old and having at least 5,000 followers.

Several creators told BI they've been making thousands of dollars on Shop and getting millions of views on their affiliate content


Creators (and brands) have three ways to sell on TikTok Shop, according to a document the company shared during a recent web summit:

  • Livestreaming: creators can go live on the platform and promote products to their viewers;
  • Shoppable videos: creators can link to products on the videos that they publish on the profile;
  • Product showcases: creators can list their favorite products in a dedicated showcase at the top of their profile.

On TikTok Shop, creators earn money through affiliate commissions. When they advertise a product in their content, they receive a cut of the sales they generate.

TikTok has also offered creators bonuses, perks, and various exclusive programs to get them to use Shop.


Check out the perks TikTok has offered to woo creators to use Shop

Tips for live selling

TikTok Shop encourages merchants to sell in livestreams, in addition to posting videos and enlisting influencers to push products.

The company recommends that sellers go live for at least two hours at a time when pitching products on lives.

Some merchants, such as electronics retailer Newegg and luxury goods reseller What Goes Around Comes Around, are aiming for longer stretches, such as eight or even 24-hour streams.


"The longer you can stay in, the more people you can bring in to comment and things like that," Newegg's media services director Drew Roder told BI.

Read more about TikTok's recommendations for selling on livestreams

How to sell on TikTok Shop (2024)


How to sell on TikTok Shop? ›

Have affiliate partnerships with creators. As of recently, there are now two ways to make sales on TikTok: via your brand's product page in their profile or through a TikTok affiliate. Launching an affiliate program lets you partner with TikTok creators and influencers to promote your products and drive to your store.

How to successfully sell on TikTok shop? ›

Have affiliate partnerships with creators. As of recently, there are now two ways to make sales on TikTok: via your brand's product page in their profile or through a TikTok affiliate. Launching an affiliate program lets you partner with TikTok creators and influencers to promote your products and drive to your store.

Is selling on TikTok shop worth it? ›

In conclusion, selling on TikTok Shop can be a worthwhile endeavor for businesses looking to tap into a large and engaged user base, create viral content, and take advantage of the platform's interactive nature.

How do I get approved for TikTok shop? ›

  1. Your store needs to be located in the United States, and have a verifiable address in your Locations settings.
  2. You need to have an online store, and a TikTok for Business account.
  3. You need to display a return policy page on your online store. ...
  4. Your products need to meet TikTok's product guidelines.

Is it easy to sell products on TikTok? ›

Yes, TikTok's growth and cultural ubiquity means it's the perfect place for your brand. We've already learned how TikTok marketing can help you reach new audiences and grow your client base, but the app is far more powerful than that. If you learn the ins and outs, you can learn how to sell on TikTok in 7 easy steps.

Do people make money on TikTok shop? ›

How do you make money on TikTok Shop? People can make money on TikTok Shop by becoming sellers or creators. Sellers can showcase their products. Creators can use the affiliate program to partner with brands to promote their products.

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What is the best question to ask on TikTok? ›

Fill-in-the-Blank TikTok Questions
  • "If I could have any superpower, it would be _______. ...
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Jul 19, 2023

What is a good question to ask? ›

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Feb 29, 2024

Who pays for shipping on TikTok Shop? ›

Shipping Fees in the US

TikTok Shop provides a table for base rates for UPS, USPS, USPS Priority Mail, and FedEx, which you can access at the Seller Center. Starting September 17th, 2023, the buyer's shipping fee is based on what the seller pays, with some exceptions when using expensive carriers or services.

How does TikTok shop pay you? ›

Once an order is settled, the amount will be automatically paid to the bank account you have linked to your TikTok account.

How much commission do TikTok shop take? ›

Low Commission Fees 💰

TikTok charges much lower commission fees compared to other selling platforms. For the first 90 days, you can benefit from a commission fee of 1.8% for each product sale. After the 90 days, the fee will increase to 5%, however this is still significantly lower than most other platforms.

Do you need a tax ID for TikTok shop? ›

Q: Why do I need to provide tax information? A: TikTok Shop is required to report payment transactions to the IRS. US merchants must complete a W9 Form and provide the corresponding Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), which can be an EIN or SSN.

How long does a TikTok shop take to approve? ›

Most account reviews take less than 24 hours to complete. Once we've reviewed your account, we will notify you over email if you've been approved or not. You can also check your account approval status on the Account Setup page of your TikTok Ad Manager account.

How long does TikTok shop approval take? ›

TikTok Shop Product Review

Once a product is synced to TikTok Shop, they may be in review for several minutes to several days, depending on the product category.

How much do TikTok shop sellers make? ›

Sellers set their own commission rates, which usually range between 5% and 20%, according to creators and a TikTok exec.

How much does TikTok shop charge to sell? ›

TikTok Shop's fees used to be 2% plus $0.30 per sale, but will soon rise to 8% per transaction for "most items."

What is the best thing to sell on TikTok? ›

Discover winning products in your region and category.
Perfume Beauty & Personal Care/Makeup & Perfume/Perfume44K3.86%
Cases, Screen Protectors & Stickers Phones & Electronics/Phone Accessories/Cases, Screen Protectors & Stickers43K46.36%
Serums & Essences Beauty & Personal Care/Skincare/Serums & Essences31K11.2%
17 more rows


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