Teacher Recommended: First Grade Books (2024)

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Theseteacher recommended first grade booksare sure to make your classroom or homeschool bookshelves!

First grade students are beginning to read on their own as well as participate in guided reading. When I am looking for the best books to read with first grade students, I love to ask the experts. Those are the people right in the thick of teaching: first grade teachers and homeschool moms!

Teacher Recommended: First Grade Books (1)

These great books for first graders are perfect early readers for kids. They help them transition from picture books to chapter books. They still have colorful illustrations, and simple words, but are great to help kids gain confidence in reading on their own.

Favorite First Grade Books

Elephant and Piggiebook seriesby Mo Willems

Teachers and parents love this series in their classrooms because of the sweet characters (Gerald the Elephant and Piggie). The books are also helpful to teach about opposites (Gerald is a careful worrier while Piggie is fun-loving and carefree). Mo Willems is not only a fantastic author; he also illustrates these adorable books that will engage young readers. Once your students devourElephant and Piggie, start them on the other Willems’s series, thePigeonbooks.

Junie B. Jones, First Grader

by Barbara Park, illustrated by Denise Brunkus

In the first Junie B. Jones book, she is a kindergartener. In this book, Junie is a vivacious first grader. She has kept kids laughing for two decades now. The main character is not a perfect angel, but she’s a realistic character that all first graders can relate to. Share these fun books with a new generation of first graders and continue to follow Junie as she grows up!

The Night Before First Gradeby Natasha Wing, illustrated by Deborah Zemke

What a perfect way to start first grade (or end kindergarten)! This delightful book parodiesThe Night Before Christmasand focuses on building excitement for a new group of first graders. Moving from Kindergarten to first grade is a big leap for many students academically and emotionally. , Books that can help that transition between these levels should be on every first grade teacher’s list!

Sheep Won’t Sleep: Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10sby Judy Cox, illustrated by Nina Cueno

I love using books to teach math. Integrating curriculum saves time and helps students make connections. This creative story is perfect for a read aloud during math lessons on counting and beginning problem solving. Encourage your students to count other objects to practice after reading about counting these adorable sheep!

Bob Books: Sight Words, 1st Gradeby Lynn Maslen Kertell, illustrated by Sue Hendra

These simple readers are perfect for teaching and practicing sight words in first grade. Since these books are portable, they are wonderful for independent reading time or take home reading folders. Each book focuses on specific sight words, so you can hand out them out to students for practice. Try these out with your emergent readers.

Frog and Toadseries by Arnold Lobel

These books are level two readers, but are some of my favorites to read to young children. They are engaging and the stories are just so much fun!Pretty much anything by this author is a great choice!

Little Bearseries by Elsa Holmelund Minarik

This series is a great classic series for young readers. The stories are sweet and I love the relationship between Little Bear and his Mother. These books are perfect for all young readers.

Pete the Catseries by James Dean

These books are fun and hilarious!Kids love them and adults love reading them. Books like these are perfect to spark a love of reading in kids.

Magic Treehouse series by Mary Pope Osborne

These books are perfect start chapter books for kids. We have read and loved these for years at our house. Plus they all have an educational theme helping kids learn cool things!

Any of the I Can Read Level 1 Books. Some of our favorites include:

Berenstain BearsLearning to Read Box Set by Stan Berenstain

These books include easy to read stories about the adventures of the Berenstain Bears! We all love their silly adventures.

Amelia Bedeliaboxed set #2 (#1 is level 2) by Herman Parish

These books are all about Amelia Bedelia as a kid. She has always made us giggle at our house!

Padington Collector’s Quintet by byMichael BondandR. W Alley-

This is a set of 5 books about the favorite character Padington! All of the books included easy to read stories for early readers.

Teacher Recommended: First Grade Books (2)

Theseteacher recommended 1st grade bookswill help your students enjoy practicing their reading comprehension and fluency skills. You’ll love to share these engaging books with your young readers!

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As an expert in children's literature and education, I can provide you with information about the concepts mentioned in this article. These concepts include first-grade books, early readers, guided reading, and reading comprehension. Let's explore each concept in more detail:

First Grade Books:

First-grade books are specifically designed for children who are beginning to read on their own. These books are carefully crafted to match the reading level and interests of first-grade students. They often have colorful illustrations and simple words to help young readers gain confidence in reading independently.

Early Readers:

Early readers are books that bridge the gap between picture books and chapter books. They are designed to help children transition from relying on pictures to understanding and reading text. Early readers typically have short sentences, simple vocabulary, and repetitive patterns to support emerging readers.

Guided Reading:

Guided reading is an instructional approach used by teachers to support students in developing their reading skills. During guided reading sessions, small groups of students with similar reading abilities work together with a teacher. The teacher provides support and guidance as students read a text, helping them develop strategies for decoding words, understanding the meaning of the text, and improving their reading fluency.

Reading Comprehension:

Reading comprehension refers to a reader's ability to understand and make meaning from a text. It involves not only decoding words but also understanding the ideas, themes, and messages conveyed by the author. Reading comprehension skills include making predictions, summarizing, making inferences, and analyzing the text.

Now that we have explored these concepts, you can use this knowledge to better understand this article and the recommendations it provides for first-grade books. If you have any specific questions or need further information, feel free to ask!

Teacher Recommended: First Grade Books (2024)


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