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Andy Dufresne

The Boulevardier, like its cousin the Negroni, is a fantastic co*cktail for a sophisticated palate. This recipe is excellent, but differs from the 1-1-1 proportions of the classic recipe. I strongly prefer it made with rye whiskey.


There's a bar/restaurant in suburban Minneapolis that serves what is essentially a Boulevardier that adds the Campari in the form of an ice cube skewered together with Luxardo cherries. Ingenious really, because the drink stays cool but doesn't get watered down as the ice melts. The roblem is they go down far too easily.


I actually made the 1:1:1 version found elsewhere. I used rye and it was delicious, but a little too sweet. I added a few drops of orange bitters and it was even better. I will keep experimenting.



Steven's Wine and Food Blog

I agree with your proportions, Andy. I have also moved off Campari to Aperitivo. That red dye in Campari can’t be good for you. In addition, Aperitivo is more herbal, adding complexity to the co*cktail.

John V

Made this with rye and it was fantastic. Will try it with bourbon tonight. Tried one of these with Martini and Rossi a few weeks ago and it was awful. Went and got Carpano Antica and what a difference. I could drink a million of these. REFRIGERATE YOUR VERMOUTH!


Delicious! Plus, because the proportions are so simple it's easy to make for a crowd.


I prefer it with an orange twist. Delicious either way.


I've been making these for quite some time. I prefer the simpler 1:1:1 ratio with rye. I also drop in a good cherry like a Luxardo.


This was excellent. Probably too sweet for me with Bourbon, but I made again with Rye and it was perfect

Wes Clavey

Made with rye, this is called My Old Pal. I have made many variations of this drink but my favorites are using bacon infused rye or bacon infused bourbon. In addition, Leopold Brothers makes a good apertif alternative to Campari that complements the whiskey nicely.

Mike Czechowski

Love these proportions with 100 proof Knob Creek rye. This is now one of my favorite co*cktails - along with the Negroni itself!

Dave Paley

In the "classic" recipe (1-1-1) the Campari completely overwhelms. In this variation (2-1-1) it still dominates - Campari is very strong. I recommend proportions of 2-1-1/2.


pinterest it under "co*cktails"


Excellent this way. My winter drink when it's too cold for a negroni or a whiskey sour


Just made one, added the hickory smoke. ShaZamm


This is a lovely drink. We added a few drops of lemon juice. It tempers the bitters.


Too much whiskey. Really delicious but would probably not make me fall asleep if 1:1:1. Maybe keep ratio but make a smaller drink.


This is probably my favorite co*cktail. I prefer the 1:1:1 ratio, and have to drink these with caution. They’re very potent. IMO it’s better with Bullet Rye and Carpano Antico Vermouth, along with Campari and a slice of orange zest. Cheers!

emma b

Cocchi vermouth is the way to go. Cinzano is awful and carpano is very good but overpriced.

John V

Made this with rye and it was fantastic. Will try it with bourbon tonight. Tried one of these with Martini and Rossi a few weeks ago and it was awful. Went and got Carpano Antica and what a difference. I could drink a million of these. REFRIGERATE YOUR VERMOUTH!


Different vermouths have different profiles. M&R works for some drinks, but not all. Noilly Pratt has a different profile from Dolin and I prefer one over the other depending on the other liquor in the drink. For example, Noilly is great with whiskey or vodka, but not so with gin, which works well with Dolin.

G from Jersey

Terrific but recommend milder Canadian whisky....


When made with rye instead of bourbon, it's an Old Pal. A recipe for which also appears on this site.

G from Jersey

@brutallyfrank I see that. But believe with rye (per my comment - believe Canadian whiskey is the way to go) is still the same drink. WineEnthusiast agreed on January 9, 2021.

todd sf

Boulevardiers and Negronis are on my short list of “go to” co*cktails- they never get old. I enjoy experimenting with all the varieties of sweet Vermouths currently out there, Antica Formula being just one of many possibilities. A recent favorite is the Blood Orange Mommenpop Vermouth out of Napa- Nice and bright, it adds real verve to whichever your making …


I've always made these with a nice large orange peel shave, twisted, and just mix it on the rocks directly. sometimes I add some soda like pellegrino into a taller glass.


Followed the recipe portions of 2-1-1 and preferred it to 1-1-1, but added a couple drops of orange bitters as others suggested and loved the depth of flavor it added. Will definitely make again!


I'll give this a go, it looks right up my street. However, "something richer and more complex than just a whiskey " ... oh dear.

lily kumpe

Made this along with the 1:1:1 version. Then my husband and I blind taste-tested the two. Even though my husband is biased against the nytimes, it was unanimous; we both prefer the nytimes recipe and even doctored up the other to match.

Andrew Bor

Perfect proportions with 80proof bourbon or rye; a touch austere with the 100proof Knob Creek rye - will try making the proportions closer to 1:1:1

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The Boulevardier Recipe (2024)


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